• Careers advice - deciding what career you want can be daunting. The range of options can be complicated and confusing. Stay at school or go to college?  Go to university or take a gap year?  Go straight into work or train through an apprenticeship? Then, once you've an idea about what you want to do, you'll need to do some research and planning. This is where we can help.  By explaining your options clearly and by supporting you to make the right choices for yourself.  
  • CV writing - a well written curriculum vitae should provide an overview of your skills and past experience including any qualifications, employment and voluntary work. In many cases your CV may be the only information a potential employer or training provider receives about you and is often used to shortlist or screen unsuitable applicants. It is because of this that it is important to have a well written CV which accurately and honestly presents your skills and abilities in a favourable manner. We can offer you a one hour face to face appointment during which we will help you compile a CV,  using a layout and style approved by Jobcentre Plus, major recruitment agencies and most employers
  • Searching and making applications - now you have a well written CV you will probably want to start looking for suitable employment or training opportunities. As well as knowing the best places to look, such as websites and specialist trade publications, we can help you compose speculative letters and decide who to send them to. We also have existing relationships with many employers and often hear about opportunities before they are widely advertised.  We can also check any applications you make and point out any errors or missing information
  • Mock interviews - once you have an interview scheduled, we can help you improve your confidence and interview techniques through mock interviews, role play and sample questions and answers