• Welfare Rights - do you know if you are entitled to receive any extra help with housing and living costs? Perhaps you have a disability or are responsible for caring for someone else?  We can carry out a benefits calculation to check you are receiving everything you are entitled to claim. If you're not, we can help you through the process
  • Housing & Homelessness - are your current living arrangements unsafe or unsuitable? Are you staying with friends or sleeping rough because you have nowhere to live? Are you facing eviction due to rent arrears or problems with your landlord?  We can advise you of your rights regarding housing and the options available to you
  • Employment - are you being paid at least the minimum wage? Do you receive the holiday pay and working conditions you are legally entitled to?  Do you have a written contract or particulars of employment?  If not, we can advise you about the processes to put things right
  • Consumer -  are you unhappy with any goods or services you have purchased? Do you know when you are entitled to a refund or repair? Are you being overcharged for your mobile phone contract, gas and electric? Have you experienced problems buying things online? We can look into these problems with you and help you enforce your statutory rights
  • Money Management & Dealing With Debts - do you have problems opening a bank account? Perhaps you want to know the difference between a debit card and credit card or a conditional sale and HP agreement?  Are you being contacted by bailiffs or debt collection agencies. We can advise you how how to manage your money more effectively and what to do if you fall into debt