Do you want to give something back to the community?  Have you got ideas to improve peoples lives? Are there things in society you would like to change? Our social action projects are created and run by young people.  Why not get together with a group of friends and make a difference? We can help you achieve your goals 

  • Team Challenges - this is where a group of young people arrange an event or activity for a marginalised  community.  Previous examples include: residential trips for young people in care, activity sessions in elderly care homes, raising funds to create a community garden.  There are no set ideas, a Team Challenge can tackle whatever you and your group want to change
  • Community Projects - whereas a Team Challenge involves holding an event or activity, a Community Project involves creating a visible lasting change. Examples include: repainting a youth club, mending fences in a nature reserve, removing rubbish from a river
  • Lobbying & social policy - perhaps you feel students should receive a grant to study,  maybe you think there should be more social housing. perhaps you are worried about poverty, disability or discrimination? Maybe you just want to encourage young people to put their name on the electoral role and vote at local and General elections?